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Hi, I’m Phillip Dickerson and welcome to Dallas Hypnosis. My goal is to help you become healthier and happier.
I specialize in helping my clients achieve freedom from bad habits, and unhealthy patterns of thinking. Here’s a
list of some my services:

Stop Smoking Hypnosis for cigarettes quitsmokingor cigars, and to stop chewing or dipping tobacco.
Imagine how good you’ll feel after you’ve achieved total tobacco cessation.
This program usually includes at least four powerful hypnosis sessions, with personal coaching.

"You do great work and should be exceptionally proud of all the help you give people.”
Dr. Matthew Todoro 
MD Board Certified Emergency Medicine

Special Price Today of 20% OFF our renown Stop Smoking program. Please call for precise information.

Fast Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions also includes a_fat_pants_114 powerful personalized coaching,
to help you stay highly motivated and focused.
Imagine how much better you will look and feel when you enjoy
eating healthy, and exercising.
Eating healthy may also help fat burners you control or reverse diabetes.
This program includes four or more powerful hypnosis sessions with personalized coaching.

Fear of Public Speaking Hypnosis, or “performance anxiety”. For many years now I’ve enjoyed Public Speaking at Podium  162success
helping my clients overcome one of the more common fears that people have:
A fear of speaking, or performing
in front of a live audience.
This program always includes four powerful hypnosis sessions with personal coaching.

Self-esteem and Self-confidence Hypnosis
Perhaps you’re ready to stop feeling shy, and have a new level of confidence around others,
and with members of the opposite sex.
This program will help increase your self-esteem and self-image.
It includes four hypnosis sessions, with personal coaching.

Hypnosis Programs I offer include:
Overcoming Phobias or Fears
Hypnosis to help you prepare for surgery, then heal quickly 
Freedom from Alcohol Abuse
Freedom from Tobacco
Sports Performance Excellence
Stop Nail biting
Stop Procrastination
Take Control of Anxiety, Stress, or Insomnia
Hypnosis for Trichitillomania (pulling at your hair)
Hypnosis for Bruxism, (teeth grinding or jaw clenching).
The art of Self-Hypnosis and Meditation
Coaching in how to effectively use “The Law of Attraction.”
Healing from a painful breakup or divorce.
Enhancing your sexual performance
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For more information about any issue you may be concerned with, call me between 9 A.M. and 7 P.M. Monday thru Saturday.
Please know there is no such thing as a silly question. I will answer your questions personally.

I do provide Outcall Services in some situations. A private hypnosis session may be available to you in the privacy of your
own home, we can discuss that option when you call.

My phone number is: 214-549-7487.
My Email is:

Dallas Hypnosis for Success
100 N. Central, Suite 515
Richardson, TX 75080

Phone 214-549-7487
Conveniently located in the Chase Bank Tower at Central Expressway and Beltline Road.
It’s the 2nd exit north of 635, in North Dallas (Richardson, TX).

“The purpose of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique
is to help you understand and gain
      more control over your behavior, emotions, and physical well-being.
The Mayo Clinic 12/ 2003

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